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Creating exhibits and really grabbing the attention of the crowd are the markers of a successful trade show exhibitor. It is important to reach the attendees, really get their attention and make yourself a mental note they retain. There are certain options that will improve the odds. Keep in mind that competitors are everywhere at a trade show. Taking an exhibit that is similar in organization and information to others in the industry won’t do

Trade Show Displays

The audience is the key to success at any trade show. That is common knowledge. Tips for engaging include being friendly, starting the conversation and having information ready to share in a personal way. However, there are other methods that can be useful in engaging the audience.

Focus on Show Technology Techniques

Activities like a “hackathon” can focus a group on a common problem for the industry and find a collective solution. The hackathon itself

Trade Show Displays

When it comes to B2B marketing, you know you get an advantage from attending trade shows. However, you may not realize that taking a disorganized and unoriginal display is costing you when it comes to marketing strategy. You are losing the chance to take advantage of one of the most successful marketing strategies in your toolkit. Putting the time and creativity into a unique trade show display gives you the chance to garner attention, increase

Trade Show Displays

Attending a Trade Show is a powerful B2B marketing tool, if you are prepared before you get there and you utilize the right type of display for your products and/or services. When you are considering the construction of a trade show display, it is important to remember certain factors, like the budget you have available for this project, the various places you may need it to fit and the versatility of the display for different

Trade Show Displays

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